NASER NWS-5WC Water-Chiller

NASER NWS-5WC Water-Chiller

NASER NWS-5WC Water-Chiller Industrial Chiller is a kind of machine that uesd to produce cooling water which lower than normal temperature ,is mainly applied in plastic & rubber industry ;it can accurately control the molding temperature and shorten the molding cycle ,increase the product quality and improve the production efficiency.They are widely used in metal working ,electronics industry electroplate ,textile ,vacuum coating ,food ,chemical & pharmaceutical,construction and military . NASER NWS-5WC Water-Chiller

NASER NWS-5WC Water-Chiller

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Our services:

  1. Free repiar within 1 year of guarantee on the condition of operate the machine in the right way ,do not include the daily maintaing,also we will not afford the travel expense out of ZHUJIANG delta.

  2. Our factory provide machine testing when customer come to our factory to see this machine .

  3. We provide detail machine techniacal specification ,electric diagram,installation book ,operating manual,drawings.

  4. 4.We can provide engineers to customer's factory to help installation and training workers if customer required.

  5. We offer OEM.

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Our factory is located in HengLi Town ,DongGuan is very near GuangZhou & ShenZhen.

Welcome to visit our factory .

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Our factory 

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CE Certificate

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