Box Style Normal Temperature 10WC Chiller

Box Style Normal Temperature 10WC Chiller

1.The cooling capacity is based on: chilled water inlet and outlet water temperature 20°C/15°C; cooling air inlet and outlet temperature 30°C/35°C. 2.Working range: frozen water temperature range 5 °C ~ 25 °C; cooling water temperature range 15°C~40°C; 3.When the water temperature is minus 5 degrees, add 25% ethylene glycol antifreeze. The right to change the above parameters or dimensions without notice is reserved for product improvement.

Box Style Normal Temperature 10WC Chiller

Working Principle of Box Style Chiller

Box style normal temperature 10WC chiller main consists of a compressor, a condenser, a thermostatic expansion valve and an evaporator are most composition, using the single stage vapor compression refrigeration system, the refrigerant in the gas-liquid conversion, the principle of absorbing and releasing heat to cooling effect.

Connection Diagram of Box Style Chiller

water cooled chiller.jpg

Parameters of Box Style Normal Temperature 10WC Chiller
Rated Cooling Capacity130210Btu/h=38.1KW=32800.4Kcal/h=10.84USRT
Compressor Power10HP
Condenser Water Flow7.87 m3/h
Diameter of Water Flow40DN
Water Tank Capacity148L
Standard Freezing Water Flow6.56 m3/h
Built in Pump1HP
Compressor Type
Thermostatic Expansion Valve
Flow RegulatorCapillary Vessel
Condenser StyleHub Pipe Type
Evaporator TypeWater Tank Type
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