6WC Chiller With 24.97KW Capacity One Compressor

6WC Chiller With 24.97KW Capacity One Compressor

1.The cooling capacity is based on: chilled water inlet and outlet water temperature 20°C/15°C; cooling air inlet and outlet temperature 30°C/35°C. 2.Working range: frozen water temperature range 5 °C ~ 25 °C; cooling water temperature range 15°C~40°C; 3.When the water temperature is minus 5 degrees, add 25% ethylene glycol antifreeze. The right to change the above parameters or dimensions without notice is reserved for product improvement.

6WC Chiller with 24.97KW Capacity One Compressor

Product Introduction of 6WC Chiller

6WC chilelr is produced by China munufacturer in Hengli Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is controlled by microcomputer system, offering accurate temperature stability within 1degree.

6WC chiller can be widely used in metal working, electronics industry electroplate, textile, vacuum cating, food, chemical & pharmaceutical,construction and military.

Basic Specification of 6WC Chiller
Product name 6WC Chiller with 24.97KW Capacity One Compressor
Model NWS-6WC
Rated cooling capacity 85248 Btu/h
24.97 Kw
21474.2 Kcal/h
7.10 USRT
Compressor power 6 HP
Water flow 5.15 m³/h
Standard freezing water flow 4.29 m³/h
Price Negotiable
  1. 6WC chillers is of low noise and long service life.

  2. 6WC chillers is of Japan Panosonic Compressor

  3. Accurately control the molding temperature

  4. Customers all around the world

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