10WC Water Chiller

10WC Water Chiller

10 Ton Water Chiller

10 WC Chiller Parameters

CompressorHermetic Scroll Type Compressor
Rated cooling capacity38.1KW/ 10.84 USRT
CondenserShell and tube 
EvaporatorStainless Steel Water Tank Type with Copper Coil
ContactorSchneider Electric
Control panelMan-machine interface touch screen 
Standard Water Tank148 L
Water pipeDN40
Standard Chilled water flow6.56M3/H
Chilled water temperature rante5-35 degree adjustable
Build-in water pump1 HP
Machine Weight335 KG


10WC Water Chiller Features

The mechanical compression cycle has four basic components through which the refrigerant passes: (1) the evaporator (2) the compressor (3) the condenser (4) the expansion valve.  The evaporator in the chiller will operate at a lower pressure and lower temperature than the condenser.

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