Low TempreatureTwin-Screw Water Cooling chiller

Low TempreatureTwin-Screw Water Cooling chiller
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NASER Scroll Low Tempreature Water Cooled Chiller

The most efficient semi-hermetic compressor, the heart of the unit - imported high-quality screw compressors。

The cooling output is based on the following standars:Economizer cooling water inlet/outlet temperature 30 ℃/35℃(condensation  temperature 40℃) antifreezie inlet/outlet tempreature -5℃/-10℃ (evaporate temperature -15℃).

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            Evaporator material quality based on different antifreeze.

The condenser adopts an optimized heat exchange system, which greatly improves the heat exchange efficiency.

The control system adopts advanced microcomputer control and protection devices to ensure the unit's safety, stable and reliable operation.

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