NASER Cryogenic Industrial Chiller

NASER Cryogenic Industrial Chiller

NASER Cryogenic Industrial Chiller In the low-temperature industrial chiller, the compressor should be selected. Firstly, the requirements of the refrigeration equipment for the temperature should be taken into account. At the same time, the user should also conduct an in-depth investigation and study of the cold conditions of the user. Select a medium-high temperature compressor or a low-temperature compressor that meets the temperature requirements. . In the second low-piston refrigeration compressor, the difference between motor power and gas flow in different operating conditions was fully taken into consideration. The same-volume middle-high-temperature compressor and low-temperature compressor were respectively optimized using different combinations of motor and valve plate. of. Low-temperature compressors are never allowed to use applications where the evaporation temperature is greater than -5 degrees to avoid overloading the compressor motor: If a high-temperature compressor with the same displacement is used in the low-temperature area, the motor efficiency will decrease and the power factor will decrease. It is also very uneconomical to cause the cooling capacity of the refrigeration equipment to be significantly reduced and the power consumption increased due to the influence of valve plate clearance. NASER Cryogenic Industrial Chiller

NASER Cryogenic Industrial Chiller


1.Our compressor is imported from Italy ,France and so on,being of high -quality built in safe protection ,with low noise ,the electricity of province is durable.

2.Capacity ,stable performance ,and excellent quality .

3.SCHNEIDER brand electric components ensure the chiller unit running stabely with long service time

4.Equipped famous brand water pump ,with large flow ,high efficiency and durability.

5.Compact design ,easy to install and operate ,convienent to clean and maintenance.

6.High efficient shell and tube evaporator adopted ,ensuring high cooling efficiency.

7.Shell and tube condenser -water -cooled type.

8.R22,R407C,R404A refrigerant for option.

9.380V-415/50HZ 3Ph for standard design .Different design available on request.

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Conect  Detail:


Factory detail:

Our factory is located in HengLi Town,DongGuan City ,it is very near ShenZhen & GuangZhou.

Welcome to visit our factory.

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  Our factory

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CE Certification 

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Our Services:

  1. Free Repair within 1 year of guarantee on the condition of operate the machine in the right way,do not include the daily maining ,also we will not afford the travel expense out of ZHUJIAGN delta.

  2. Our factory provide machine testing when customer come to our factory see this machine.

  3. We provide detail machine technical specification ,electric diagram ,installation book ,opearting manual,drawings.

  4. We can provide engineers to customer's factory to help installation and training workers if customer required.

  5. We offer OEM.

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Pls kindly after the following information:

  1. Cooling capacity 

  2. Inlet /outlet water temperature 

  3. Chiller water flow rate

  4. Refrigerant 

  5. Voltage/Frequency.



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