Small Water Chiller Unit

Water Chiller Unit is widely used in hotel, theater, office building and supermarket. Also are used in refrigerating fields, such as food industries, plastic factory, pharmaceutical factories, and apparatus industries.

Small Water Chiller Unit

Rated Cooling Capacity11.32 KW/ 3.2 USRT
Compressor power3 HP
EvaporatorStainless steel water tank type/ 50 L
Chilled water temperature range5-35 degree 
Pump0.37 KW pump
Size930*520*980 MM
Weight150 KG

Rated cooling capacity is based on chilled water 15 degree, return water 20 degree, working at 35 degree.

Chiller Protection

1) Pressure protection

2) Overload protection

4) Anti-freeze protection

5) Delay protection 

6) Over-temperature protection

7) Water flow protection

Small Water Chiller Unit



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