Small Chiller water cooled chiller

Small Chiller water cooled chiller
Product Details

1. Cooling capacity: 6.02kw~118.4kw 

2. liquid inlet temperature is 12 degrees, outlet temperature is 7 degrees.

3. Cooling water inlet temperature 30 degrees,outlet temperature 35 degrees.

4. Input power: 3P-380V-50Hz, Allowable fluctuate voltage: ± 10%, allowable voltage difference in phase: ± 2%. ( 3P-415V-60HZ and 3P-230V-60HZ is ok)

5. Accept orders for special requirements. 

6. Industrial and durable design, with stainless steel water tank and high-lift pumps. 

7. Wide range of variable chilled water temperature to meet the industrial requirements throughout whole year. 

8. Designed as an independent refrigeration circuit, each compressor corresponding to one refrigeration circuit. 

9. Refrigerant use R22 or Friendly choose to use environmentally R404A or R134A refrigerant. 

10. COP over than 2.55

11. Guarantee for 1Year

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Technical   Parameters of Air cooled chiller
Rated cooling capacity50HZBtu/h206553864647486578677244594977115734144890173602242394276534363591471132587208
Power Input
CompressorCompressor   PowerHP2345681012152025304050
Hermostatic expansion valve
Flow   regulatorcapaillary tube/thermostatic expensinon valve
CondenserStyleFined copper tube+low noise rotor fan
RefrigreantR22 /R407C/R134A/R410A
EvaporatorStyle *water tank    with copper coil/shell and tube/SS plaste heat exchanger
Standard   freezing water flowM3/H1.041.952.393.913.654.785.837.38.7412.2113.9318.3123.7329.58
Diameter   of standard nippleDN2525252525404040505050658080
Built-in pumpHP0.50.50.511111223355
Machine weightKG1021501851851903203804106808301200140015201620
"*"   means optional or customizable. Capacity based on voltage 380V/50Hz/3Ph.

Not   all models are showed in above parameters.