NASER Widely Applied Air Chiller

NASER Widely Applied Air Chiller

NASER Widely Applied Air Chiller Air cooled industrial chiller adoppted aluminum fin/copper tube type condensor ,Easy for cleaning and installation. High efficiency ,low energy consumption ,low noise and long servicelife. Air cooled chiller is widely used in metal working ,electronics industry electroplate ,textile ,vacuum coating ,food ,chemical & pharmaceutical ,construction and military .

NASER Widely Applied Air Chiller

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Product features:

1.Equipped with various safety protection devices with stable performance ,low noise ,long service life and simple operaton,LCD display human-machine interface ,simple and convenient operation,clear operation condition.

2.The machine adopts single compressor or muitiple compressor combined refrigeration system .The compressor can run alternately according to the change of load and balance the running time of each compressor ,so as to save energy and prolong the service life of the chiller .Easy to adjust energy ,more energy saving at partial load.

3.The whole machine has a box-type structure with a beautiful appearance and compact structure.The operation of the unit can be checked at any time.The unit can bring its own water tank circulating water pump according to the cooling amount ,without cooling tower and cooling water pump ,the instaallation and maintenance are simple and convenient.

4.The compressor of the unit is equipped with a condenser and evaporator made of high efficiency copper tube for heat exchange.

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About Air Chiller 

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Panasonic Compressor

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Factory :

Our factory is located in Hengli Town ,Dongguan City .

It is very near Shenzhen & Guangzhou .

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Factory Building 

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CE Certificate

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International Standard Wooden Case for Export

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