Industrial Liquid Chiller

Industrial Liquid Chiller include air cooled type and water cooled type.

Industrial Liquid Chiller


● Imported high-quality new scroll compressor, built-in safety protection device, which greatly reduce the damage to the unit, Taiwan famous brand water pump, the United States, Denmark, Japan and other imported refrigeration system accessories.

● Shell tube condenser, stainless steel water tank evaporator, clear and convenient maintenance, and equipped with automatic water supply device.

● More than 8HP units use multiple compressors, which can be used in segments or at the same time to reduce unnecessary energy loss under certain conditions.

● Equipped with high-precision electronic temperature controller, can accurately control the water temperature within 5 °C -35 °C.

● The safety protection fault indication system is complete, including (compressor overload protection, pump overload protection, high and low voltage protection, and reverse phase and phase loss protection). When a fault occurs, the alarm number and the cause of the fault are displayed.

● Industrial design, beautiful appearance

Air Cooled Type Industrial Liquid Chiller


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Water Cooled Type Industrial Liquid Chiller


Water cooled chiller.jpg

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