Factory Price 15RT Seawater Air Cooling Chiller With Titanium Tube Evaporator

1.Condenser: Japan Kobe High Effective Red Copper Pipes Covered Into Aluminum Fins. Do antisepsis electrophoresis treatment. 2.Evaporator: Titanium tube evaporator (shell PVC, heat transfer tube is titanium tube) 3.Chiller's Cabinet do preservative treatment, Copper pipes exposed to the outside for anti-corrosion treatment

Best price15RT Seawater Air Cooling Chiller with Titanium tube evaporator

The air-cooled box chiller uses a single-stage vapor compression circuit, and has compressor overload protection, pump overload protection, reverse phase phase loss warning, anti-icing protection, high and low pressure protection, etc.

The machine has stable performance and long life. It can cool down quickly, and the temperature control is stable to meet customer requirements. Chiller | Water-cooled open chiller | Air-cooled box chiller | It is mainly suitable for industries such as electroplating, electronics manufacturing, mechanical processing, chemical manufacturing, plastics and rubber industry, footwear industry, etc.

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How about the quality of your product?
-- Our products manufactured strictly according to national and international standard. 
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-- 1 set.
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-- We can make products according to customer's requirements.

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