Factory Power Tank Sale Air Cool Chiller For Wine With Inside Heat Exchange

1. The cooling capacity is based on: chilled water inlet and outlet water temperature 1°C/-5°C; cooling air inlet and outlet temperature 40°C/45°C. 2. Working range: frozen water temperature range -5 °C ~ 30 °C; It is recommended to use it when the ambient temperature is not higher than 35°C; 3. When the water temperature is minus 5 degrees, add 25% ethylene glycol antifreeze.

Air Cool Chiller for Wine with inside heat exchange

The parameters required for air-cooled chillers in different industries are also very different. The general parameters to be noted are the following parameters. Users can choose different types of unit models according to their needs:

1. The temperature difference of the standard chiller is 5 degrees, (20 degrees down to 15 degrees). If a -10HP / 7. 5KW chiller has a standard chiller flow rate of 3.5 cubic meters per hour. Then when you try this chiller, you can not only look at the flow rate of the chiller, but also to see what temperature you need. Reduce the chilled water flow per hour, from 3.5 cubic meters to more than 1 cubic meter. If you need a chiller with a flow rate of 3.5 cubic meters per hour, choose a larger model.

2. When trying out the chiller, it depends on whether you are cooling directly or indirectly. Direct cooling is to put water directly into the chiller. The frozen water comes out directly to cool the product you need. The effect of direct cooling is obviously better. Indirect cooling is equivalent to putting water in a basin and putting a small pot on top of the basin. The product to be cooled is placed in the small pot. The effect of indirect cooling is relatively poor. Therefore, you should consider this aspect when choosing a model.

3. Some users use the pool for cooling, which has the following disadvantages: 1. Poor water quality, it is easy to block the water channel of the machine and cause greater losses. 2. Waste water resources and increase user costs. 3. When the weather is too hot, the water temperature can not meet the requirements, affecting product quality and efficiency.


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10HP plastic air chiller

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