Air Cooled Chiller With 3HP

Air Cooled Chiller With 3HP

Industrial chiller is a kind of machine that used to produce cooling water which lower than normal temperature,is mainly applied in plastic & rubber industry ;it can accurately control the molding temperature and shorten the molding cycle the product quality and improve the production efficiency.They are also widely used in metal working ,electronics industry electroplate ,textile ,vacuum coating ,food ,chemical & pharmaceutical,construction and military.

Air Cooled Chiller with 3HP

air cooled chiller

Product:3Hp Air Cooled Chiller                         Compressor Type: Hermostatic Expamsion Valve

Rated Cooling Capacity: 3.2USRT                      Compressor Power:3.5HP

Codenser:High effective red copper pipes covered into alumium fine


chiller compressor

Panasonic Compressor 

chiller electronic

Schneider electronic

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