3AC Chiller Plant Copper Pipe Capillary Vessel

3AC Chiller Plant Copper Pipe Capillary Vessel

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3AC Chiller Plant Copper Pipe Capillary Vessel

Detail Image of 3AC Chiller Plant


Parameters of 3AC Chiller Plant
Rated Cooling Capacity38646Btu/h=11.32KW=9735Kcal/h=3.2USRT
Compressor Power3.5HP
Compressor TypeClosed Scroll Type
Flow RegulatorCapillary Vessel/Thermostatic Expansion Valve
Condenser StyleHigh Effective Red Copper Pipes Covered Into Aluminum Fins
Evaporator StyleWater Tank with Copper Coil
Water Tank Capacity50L
Standard Freezing Water Flow1.95 m3/h
Diameter of Standard Nipple25DN
Machine Size
Machine Weight150kg
Design Features of 3AC Chiller Plant

All pipes are designed with insulation to prevent local convection of the body piping. Cooling temperature range is 5 °C -35 °C, independent temperature controller with frost protection.

Stainless steel insulation water tank.

Large-capacity shell-and-tube evaporator provides good cooling effect and can be used in high temperature environments

R22 refrigerant, good cooling effect.

Optional R407C environmental refrigerant, closer to nature.

Both compressor and pump have overload protection.

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