Plastic Mixer For Color Mixture

Plastic Mixer For Color Mixture
Product Details
plastic mixer for color mixture 

 1. Vertical strucure with castor wheels, small footprint and easy to move. 

 2. Vertical reducer motor adopted ensures low noise and long operation hours.

 3. Fast complete mixing, low energy consumption and high productivity.

 4. Pail cover and bottom parts are compress formed, previsely matched and durable.

 5. Mixing timer able to set within 0-30minutes

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Vertical plastic color mixer
ModelPowerPail capacity(kgVoltageMeasurementMixing spend(r/min)Weight
NPM-V250.75125380   3 φ720×670×9008090
NPM-V501.5250380   3 φ850×810×107080120
NPM-V10034100380   3 φ1020×980×136080170
NPM-V15045.5150380   3 φ1150×1050×140068230
NPM-V2007.510200380   3 φ1300×1180×150068320