NASER Low Temperature Screw Water Chiller

NASER Low Temperature Screw Water Chiller
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NASER Low Temperature Screw Water Chiller

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Description:Semi-heermetic ,screw compressor ,oil aeparator ,condenser,enconomizer ,evaporator and control system.

1.Safety protection system of water chiller:

2.No tatal power circuit breaker

It is widely adopted in manfacturing processin industries.

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Compressor with high-efficiency 5:6 patent asymmetric tooth profile, independent radial and axial bearings, oil cooler fittings, liquid spray, economizer fittings, PTC motor protectors, exhaust temperature protectors, controllers, The oil level switch, oil pressure difference switch and other components can ensure the highest reliability of the compressor, ensure the highest life of the bearing under high load and high working conditions, and have small vibration, low noise and balanced operation. High efficiency, durability and other advantages.

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Our factory is located in HengLi Town ,DongGuan City.

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