NASER 20years Manufactures Plastic Hopper Dryer

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NASER 20years Manufactures Plastic hopper dryer

Hopper dryer features :

  1. Adopting hot air diffuser device with high performance of the diffusing hot air evenly to keep the plastic dry evenly and increase the dry efficiency.

  2. Special bend design of hot-blast main avoids the accumulations of dust at the tubular electric heating element and also avoids the fire.

  3. Inner hopper and all the internal parts are made of stainless steel.

  4. The separated desing of the pail ans the botton of the hopper is convenient to clear and changing material.

  5. Adopt protortional deviation indication thermostat to control the temperature accurately.

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干燥机绘图Hopper dryer drawing

Standard Export wooden case.

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