LOW Temperature Chiller

Notice: Refrigerating capacity id based on:35 o C cooling water in 30 o C -10 o C:frozen liquid in and out of -5 o C/-10 o C,15 o C evaporating temperature -20 o C:forzen liquid in and out of the 15 o C/-20 o C -30 o C, frozen liquid in and out of 25 o C/-30 o C(evaporating temperature 35 o C)...


Refrigerating capacity id based on:35oC cooling water in 30oC

-10oC:frozen liquid in and out of -5oC/-10oC,15oC evaporating temperature
-20oC:forzen liquid in and out of the 15oC/-20oC
-30oC,  frozen liquid in and out of 25oC/-30oC(evaporating temperature 35oC)
-35oC, forzen liquid in and out of 35oC to 30oC/-(40oC Evaporating temperature:-)
Add 32%glycol antifreeze -10oC and 20oC and 45%glycol antifreeze,-30oC and 53%glycol antifreeze.
As a result of replacement of antiforfreeze, please indicate to the evaporator to choose different material

Product description:

.Original famous brand Semi-hermetic piston compressor adopted, features sufficient cooling.

2.Capacity, stable performance, and excellent quality.
3.SCHNEIDER brand electric components ensure the chiller unit running stably with long service time.
4.Equipped famous brand water pump, with larg flow,high efficiency and durability .
5.Compact design, easy to install and operate, convenient to clean and maintainance.
6.High efficient shell anf tube evaporator adopted, ensuring high cooling efficiency.
7.Aluminum fin condenser-air cooled type.
8.R22,R407C,R404A refrigerant for option.
9.380V-415V/50HZ 3ph for standard design. Different design availableon request.

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