Industrial Water Chiller Use For Plastic

Industrial Water Chiller Use For Plastic

industrial water chiller use for plastic

industrial water chiller use for plastic

NASER manufactures chillers including water and air cooled chillers for the plastics industry. In the plastics industry, where future expansion is inevitable but unpredicatable, it important to choose a cooling system that can be expanded quickly and without interupting the process.

Because our chilling systems can be expanded within a matter of hours and without interupting the process, our modular chillers are quickly becoming the cooling equipment of choice for the plastic processor. With the right planning, proper maintenance and water supply, our chillers offer the plastic processor years of reliable service.


 Air cooled chiller  Model:NWS-2AC    


  Cooling capacity:6.05kw    


  Compressor power:2HP    


C.Snow seed:R77    

D.Water pump:0.5hp    

E.Condenser: high effective red copper pipes covered into aluminum fins+low noise fan rotor    

F.Evaporator: Tank with titanium tube    

G.Internal water tank volume(304 stainless) :32L    

H.Micro computer control/1set    

I.Standerd cooling water flow volume:1.04m3/h    

K.Total weight:135KG    

L.Apperance size:L930*W520*H980MM    


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