Industrial Cool Water Making Machine

Industrial Cool Water Making Machine

We are factory of making industrial chiller for more than 15years . We have had made chiller with cooling capacity of range 6.05kw to 700kw . We also make and supply plastic crusher ,plastic hopper dryer,plastic hopper loader ,plastic auto mould temperature controller ,cooling tower ...

Industrial cool water making machine

Naser brand industrial chiller--15HP air cooled water chiller 

Cooling capacity:50.65KW


Power input:220V/380V/400V/415V/480V/600V-3Phase -50Hz/60Hz


Condenser:Red copper pipes covered into aluminum fins 

Evaporator:Standness steel water tank 50L/Shell and tube type 

Stand freezing water flow rate:8.74m³/h

Pump build-in

Feature size:1700*870*1680mm(680kg)

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