Glycol Chiller

Glycol Chiller
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glycol chiller

The air-cooled chiller uses a shell-tube evaporator to exchange heat between the water and the refrigerant. The refrigerant system absorbs the heat load in the water. After cooling the water to produce cold water, the heat is transferred to the fin condenser through the action of the compressor. Dissipated by the cooling fan to the outside air (wind cooling)


1. The air-cooled chiller does not need to be equipped with a cooling tower. It is suitable for environments with poor impurities. (Improper mixing of impurities in the cold water tower causes dust to circulate in the cooling water circulation circuit, causing a decrease in cooling capacity).

2. The air-cooled chiller is most suitable for areas with poor water quality, and can save other accessories for the cold water tower. 

3, take a large capacity condenser, hot can easily run

4, to minimize the area, easy to install. 5. The air-cooled chiller adopts the top outlet design.

Cooling capacity71kw
Compressor Brand (DANFOSS) 10HP*2
Evaporator typewater tank with copper coil
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