Electroplated Water Cool Scroll Chiller Factory

Electroplated Water Cool Scroll Chiller Factory

Pls kindly offer the following information: 1.Cooling capacity 2.Inlet /outlet water temperature 3.Chiller water flow rate 4.Retrigreant 5.Voltage/Frquency

Type Techinical Paramaters of Electroplated Water Cool Scroll Chiller Factory

Model NWS-12WC

Rated Cooling Capacity Btu/h 170495

KW 49.9



USRT 14.2

Power input 380V/3phase/50HZ(optional)

Compressor Compressor power 6hp*2pcs

Type scroll kind compressor

Flow regulator capaillary vessel/thermostatic expension value

Condenser Style Hube pipe type

Water flow M3/H 10.31

Diameter of nipple DN 40

Refrigerant R22/R134A/R407C/R410A

Evaporator Style Water tank with copper coil/shell and tube/           SS plate heat exchanger

Capacity L 148

Standard freezing water flow M3/H 8.59

Diameter of standard nipple DN 40

Built in water pump HP 1

Machine weight KG 355

Measure MM 1200

MM 700

MM 1200

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