Hot Water Chiller

Hot Water Chiller

cooling and heating function hot water chiller CE

hot water chiller

Hot Water Chiller Features:

The temperature control in 3°C, cooling and heating function, and meet the different needs of different temperature requirements. Adopts compressor associated with the refrigeration circuit is independent each other, time-sharing dislocation starts, to reduce the interference on the grid, stability of the maximum performance of the compressor, to effectively save energy, full-automatic temperature control, to meet the continuous operation in 24 hours a day.
Adopts compressor cooling and high pressure linkage heating technology, or direct heating wire to heating, real-time control through state-of-the-art control system to meet the requirements to use cold water or hot water, maintain the water temperature in the set state, low vibration, low noise, high efficiency heat exchanger materials, high energy efficiency.
Long life, evaporator, condenser design is very reasonable position, smooth oil return, ensure the longest life of the compressor, the highest efficiency.
Compressor and major components with new imported brands, high-profile, cost-effective, all-metal cover frame, excellent design modeling, full-paint anti-rust treatment, perfect cooling performance.
Applications include: laser, chemical, electroplating, oxidation, precision instruments, ink, printing, paper, metal, molding, blow molding, injection molding plastic industry, food and cleaning frozen, the pharmaceutical industry, electronic circuit boards, wave soldering, reflow soldering, roller sandwich cooling, space purification treatment, ultrasonic cleaning bath heating and cooling, welding and cutting, surface treatment, aluminum, glass, jewelry processing, leather, aquaculture.
Full-intelligent temperature control system, unit design is not stop to running in 24-hour.

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