China low pirce air cooled &cooling chiller supplier and manufacturer

China low pirce air cooled &cooling chiller supplier and manufacturer
Product Details

China low pirce air cooled &cooling chiller Features: 

Cold and heat air cooling chiller widely used in sponge manufacture,composite material foaming, plastic, medicine, chemical industrial. Cold and heat air cooling chiller can provide the temperature swith which they need by rapidly heating and cooling. At the same time, it can improve the effect when in the procession of making products by controling the temperature.

Unit features and functions:

  1. The unit can provide cooling water to cooling machine or provide hot water to heat machine, what's more it can keep the temperature between±1.5℃。 One button operation, easy conversion, fast up and dowm temperature.

  2. The imported and high quality compressors from Europe, USA and Japan,Built-in Security protection settings, lowest noise.

  3. The elctrical appliance select the famous brand such as: LG, Schneider and Fuji.

  4. Complete protection, Intelligent fault tips, beep alarm, high degree of automation, No hand operation.

  5. Small size, light weight and easy to operate.

Naser Machinery brings you quality and precise cold and heat chiller not only as one of the best manufacturers but also one of the leading suppliers in China. With decades experience in exporting our quality products, we enjoy good reputation. You can easily wholesale our cold and heat chiller made in China with our factory. 

TypeTechnical Parameters of air cooled &cooling chiller
Rated   cooling capacityKcal/h9735.2
Power Input
CompressorTypeHermetic Scroll Compressor
CondenserTypeHigh efficiency copper tube+low noise outer  rotor fan
RefrigerantR22 /R407C/R134A/R410A
EvaporatorStylewater tank  with copper coil/shell and tube/SS plastic heat exchanger
     water flow(m3/h)
     tank capacity(L)
Inlet/outlet 25
    pipe dia(DN)
water pumpPower(HP)0.5
heat power(KW)6
Machine weightKG150