Air Cooled Chiller With Scroll Compressor

Air Cooled Chiller With Scroll Compressor
Product Details


   Type: air-Cooled

    Selected Voltage: 380V/50HZ(optional)

    Noise Level: Low

    Trademark: NASER or OEM for Chiller

    Origin: China

Usage of scroll air cooled chiller:

1.Wine & beer fermenting cooling
2.Chemical cooling and pharmaceutical
3.Food processing cooling
4.Beverage cooling before bottling
5.metal working ,electronices industry electroplate,textile,vacuum coating,food, chemical&pharmaceutical,construction and military.

Working condition:

Condenser water inlet/outlet temperature: 30/35 degree
Evaporator water inlet/outlet temperature: 12degree/7degree


scroll chiller Capacity from 6.05 kW to 172 kW cooling.

Gas type R134a, R407c or R22