Scroll Type Liquid Chiller 4hp

Scroll Type Liquid Chiller 4hp

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Scroll Type Liquid Chiller 4HP

Design Features

4HP Scroll type liquid chiller can be used under 45 degree high temperature. The refrigerant have R22 and R407C in option. 4HP Scroll type liquid chiller can be widely used in metal working, electronics industry electroplate, textile, vacuum cating, food, chemical & pharmaceutical,construction and military.

Basic Specification

Product nameScroll Type Liquid Chiller 4HP
Rated cooling capacity53941 Btu/h
15.8 Kw
13588 Kcal/h
4.49 USRT
Compressor power4 HP
Water flow3.26 m³/h
Standard freezing water flow2.72 m³/h

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