15AC Air Type Cooled Chiller

15AC Air Type Cooled Chiller

15AC air type cooled chiller

15AC air type cooled chiller


"NASER"industtrial air chiller Model:NWS-15AC

A.Compressor: Panasonic Japan

  Voltage:380V/3Phase/50Hz  Refrigerant:R22

  Rated cooling capacity:50.85kW=43731Kcal/h

  Compressor power:5HP*3

B.Built-in pump: 2hp/1pc     lift: 22m

C.Standard freezer water flow :8.74M3/H

D.Diameter of pipe :DN50



G.Evaporator: shell and tube /1set

H.Condenser: Fined copper tube+low noise rotor fan

I.Control panel:Man-machine interface touch screen

J.High/low pressure switch,high exhaust protection, hot melt plugs,anti-freeze thermostat, compressor thermal protection, overcurrent relays, phase sequence/lack of protection.

Remark "1. Coolant Supply and return temperature 20 ℃ / 15 ℃; cooling water inlet and outlet water temperature of 40 /45℃.                                                                     

 2. Scope of work: chilled water temperature range 5 ℃ ~ 60 ℃;  Outside air temperature: Max 35º C"

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