10Ton air cooled water chiller

10Ton air cooled water chiller

The cooling method of air-cooled chiller is to use the fan to exchange heat with the outdoor temperature.

10Ton air cooled water chiller



"NASER" Air cooled  chiller 


A.Compressor:hermetic scroll type/2pc  Cooling capacity:33.9KW  

Voltage:380V/3Phase/50HZ     Compressor Power:5HP*2    

B.Electric:Schneider     C.Refrigement:R22  D.Built-in pump :1hp

E.Evaporator:  water tank with copper coil    

  stainless steel water tank capacity: 148L    

F.Condenser:Finned copper tube+low noise outer rotor fan    

G.Cooling water flow:5.83M3/H    

I.Pipe diameter:DN40  J.Weight:380KG    


Remark:                                                                                                                                                   1.Refrigerating capacity is based on the following:

Chilled water outlet and inlet temperature15℃/20℃;Cooling air temperature:40℃-45℃

2.Scope of work:

Chilled water temperature range5℃~35℃;   Working temperature not above 35℃   

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